Subject RE: [IBO] UTF-8 handling
Author Jason Wharton

> What about an additional property like
> TransliterateToLocalCharset : boolean
> that defaults to TRUE?
> (OK, I agree, the name could be shorter ;-)
> I think this would probably be better than Martijn's suggestion of an
> event that would allow me to override the default transliteration with
> my own (which would then be a straight assignment). That would
> probably eat a lot of processor cycles for large amounts of strings -
> every single string would have to go through this event routine. And
> you would need two of them: one for each direction.

I really much prefer to avoid making IBO the responsible party where
transliteration is concerned. Initially I wanted to stay out or the
transliteration business entirely.

Currently the only transliteration I do is when the CharSet property is set
to UTF-8 so it may be more appropriate to have a property that controls
whether or not UTF-8 translitaration happens so that it is clear I prefer to
stay out of it.

But, now that it appears this business of doing some default transliteration
is going to be required, what else am I up against? Please keep in mind I
am spoiled in that I only ever have used ANSI text.

I presume there are other character sets that the FBClient/GDS32 client
support that also will require some transliteration. Would someone more
experienced with character sets give me their opinion on what default
transliteration I should be doing?

Perhaps if we step back and look at this from a bigger picture we can nail
this down in such a way that it can be clearly documented and controlled.

Jason Wharton