Subject RE: [IBO]Clarification on TIB_Dataset buffer handling
Author Jason Wharton

> I would like some clarification on a few point that are quite
> hard to test
> ;-)

I'll do my best.

> Can BufferEof become true if not BufferHasEof?

I don't believe so but in a corrupted state it is theoretically possible.
If the record pointer is moved past the end of the buffer to the EOF node in
the underlying structure and the code to make sure additional records are
brought from the server (if necessary) is not run then it could happen.

> Does ValidateRows create any server traffic if the rows are
> in the buffer?

It shouldn't.

> Is it true that BufferEof never becomes true if state is dssInsert?

I believe that would be the case. A careful look at the source code would
be required.

> Regards
> Paul

Jason Wharton