Subject RE: [IBO]TIB_Enhanced controls in Grid - Geoff ;-)
Author Paul Hope
Hi Geoff

I agree - it was completely silly. Also the original problem has now gone
away so I have removed the code and works as designed ;-) Sorry to have
bothered you


> Hi Paul,
> [...]
> > procedure TIB_DateTimeEnh.CMExit(var Message: TCMExit); begin
> > inherited; if Parent is TIB_CustomGrid then
> > TWinControl(Parent).SetFocus; end;
> This might be OK for your purposes - but has potential for
> problems in certain situations (legitimate exits such as
> clicking on a control outside the grid). The focus issues
> can be really hard to get exactly right and I certainly would
> not want to include the above code in the generic/production
> version of the code - but if it works for your specific
> purposes... well thats why you have the source code :-)
> As far as I remember, when we spoke about this last, I could
> see the problem when you sent me an executable but could not
> see the problem when I compiled it myself... and this is both
> of us using Delphi6 (me on XP SP2, you on W2K SP4).
> Until/unless I can reproduce the problem here I really cannot
> be much help... because here there does not seem to be a
> problem in the source, only with your build.
> This combination with your more recent problems really makes
> me wonder if perhaps you _should_ re-install Delphi6 (after
> first doing a complete backup, uninstall and clean-up of as
> much residue - registry, packages etc etc - as possible).
> And on re-install be sure you have Delphi6's update pack 2.
> --
> Geoff Worboys
> Telesis Computing