Subject [IBO]TIB_Enhanced controls in Grid - Geoff ;-)
Author Paul Hope
Hello anyone but especially Geoff if you're around

Some time ago we discussed the problem of a TIB_DateTimeEnh in a TIB_Grid
losing focus for one TAB. For example if a grid has three columns and the
middle one has a TIB_DateTimeEnh then the TAB sequence from column 1 would
be column2, nothing, column3.

I have found that for my TIB_Grid derivitive the TAB sequence leaves the
grid altogether when tabbing out of the control so I looked at it again.

This fixes it but I can't judge how safe or nice it is and would like your
opinion . .

In unit Telesis_IB_DateTimeEnh.pas,

Add IB_Grid to the uses clause

in the TIB_DateTimeEnh declaration add

procedure CMExit(var Message: TCMExit); message CM_EXIT;

and in the body

procedure TIB_DateTimeEnh.CMExit(var Message: TCMExit);
if Parent is TIB_CustomGrid then TWinControl(Parent).SetFocus;

If you think it is OK then because of the way the components are inherited I
think I would have to do the same for the other embeded components.


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