Subject Re: [IBO] Re: TIBODataset and EXECUTE PROCEDURE with output parameters
Author Martijn Tonies
> > Should output parameters (they do get created by the TIBODataset in
> the
> > Params
> > property) be filled with the actual output values?
> >
> Hello.
> I don't think i quite get your question, or what you are actually
> trying to do.
> But to answer your question you don't need to fill the output
> parameters with the actual values. Just leave them null, by the way
> how can you predict what will be the output of the SP? You should just
> make sure that the parameters are correctly named and have the same
> data type so that no exception is thrown after you execute the
> procedure.

Right, sorry about that -- let me explain in more detail.

I write the text:

execute procedure myproc(1)

This procedure has 1 output parameter. When I prepare, IBO creates
a single output parameter.

Next, I use ExecSQL and kinda expect the parameter to hold the
output value.

However, the parameter value stays Null.

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