Subject Re: [IBO] Encryption
Author Woody
From: "Paul Hope" <paulhope@...>
> We use encryption on various tables like wages etc. All the fields are
> varchars and we use a simple encryption routine which only produces
> printable characters. The ecryption/decryption is done on the client side
> in places like OnGetText OnSetText for db enabled components or by calling
> subroutines. During development we put an decryption udf in the database
> and use it to create decrypted views so we can look at the raw data.

I do the same thing for my stuff. I wrote a simply little encryption routine
and decryption routine. I know it's nowhere near secure but it serves my
purpose for the casual observer. IMO, there is no 100% solution but unless
you're dealing with security sensitive data or something similar, almost
anything that can scramble characters will work.

Woody (TMW)