Subject KeyLiknks
Author Enrico Cima
Dear Group,
just a quick question about Keylinks, to understand if i'm making something faulty or not.

While using a Keylink between two IB_Query (IB_Query1 Master and IB_Query2 Keylinked to IB_Query1) , the IB_Query2 is fetching the database taking a long time to get the record the first time is fired from IB_Query1, less while scrolling, but sometimes again is fetching the database. (Seems the first time is reading all the table like a locate, even is not checked AutoFetchAll).

While instead not linking together, but using a simply Query with Parambyname called after scrolling IB_Query1, IB_Query2 is getting the record on he fly.

Thanks for giving me some info on how to use correctly Keylink, since i'm sure i'm not using correctly.


Enrico Cima

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