Subject Telesis Enh Components and D2007
Author Adrian Wreyford
Dear List

Geoff has helped a stack. He doesn't have D2007. I can get his Enh
components compiled, and installed in D2007

The IB package . Enh20IRT_D2007, DT is the one giving the problem. I cannot
get it installed.

The compile keeps telling me that one of the IBO packages needs recompiling
(Never-build package 'IBO40VRT_D2007' must be recompiled).

I even resorted to deleting all traces of IBO, and installing the latest
IBO. This still didn't help.

Anybody out there with more experience, and luck, and D2007, that could
perhaps recompile the packages so that they will install in D2007, and give
them, to Geoff so he can list them on his site.

I will be extremely grateful!!


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