Subject RE: [IBO] New file uploaded to IBObjects
Author Alan McDonald
> > > Jason,
> > > Have you had a chance to look at my example app? WRT the CtrlGrid
> > > painting?
> > > Alan
> > Jason,
> > I don't suppose that your attempts answer this are stuck in
> > your mail system
> > somewhere?
> > Alan
> Alan,
> I have been working on other issues and its been a bit hard lately because
> I'm still stuck in the middle of moving. So, I am hindered some for the
> time being but I will get to it ASAP.
> Jason

thanks Jason,
I have spent quite a while looking at this control (drawpanel). When you get
to it I may be able to give you more of my thinking. The panel drawing is
not working correctly. It's drawing each panel times the number of panels in
the grid each time it draws so there's a lot of unneccessary flicker as well
as the panel index issue I mentioned.