Subject TIB_LookupCombo question
Author maralex1949
I have an application where I need to keep track of classes what
students wish to sign up for in different quarters of the school
year. I have a table that stores all available classes. I have a
form that has several tib_lookupcombos. In the BDE version, since
the lookupcombo has both a list source/keyfield and a
datasource/datafield relationship, I can have all of the
lookupcombos accessing the same "classes" table yet updating
different fields in the student file so the student can sign up for
4 different classes, 1 per school quarter. In the IBO version I
can't figure out how to accomplish the same thing. Since the
tib_lookupcombo only has a datasource and, as far as I can figure,
the relationship is set using keylinks, am I limited to one
tib_lookupcombo on the form since adding more continue to update the
same field in the students file based on the defined keylinks. I
realize that I can keep changing the keylinks but that only semi
works because it messes up the display since once changed the
tib_lookupcombo that displayed class x now displays class y because
the keylink effects all of tib_lookupcombos on the form. Can
someone tell me what I am missing?