Subject Re: [IBO] Re: TIBODatabase Paths & Aliases?
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:27 PM 24/09/2006, you wrote:

>1. As I understand your instructions (and what worked) I must hard
>code the localhost server name in the TIBODatabse. How then does a
>server name get correctly specified when deploying to customers on
>networks whose server names I won't know?

As I mentioned in the previous response, you can provide an input
field for it in your login prompt. Or, if the users aren't likely to
want to type it in, provide an ini file, or write a registry entry so
that your app can capture the server name from the person installing
and read it from there subsequently.

>2. "Stay away from the 4.6Bc sub-release for now (which is what you
>will get from your current registered download). It's being fixed up"

Yes, it's being fixed up.

>What is wrong with it? Can I use just the TIBO components?

Avoid it. Joins won't work properly.

>When will it be fixed?

I understand Jason has a programmer working on it right now. I can't
estimate when the corrections and testing will be completed.

>Can I use a previous version?

Yes, use 4.6B for now. If you have lost the kit and you are a
registered user, contact me privately and I'll give you a link where
you can get it.