Subject [IBO] Re: TIBODatabase Paths & Aliases?
Author mitch_landor
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> At 01:23 PM 23/09/2006, you wrote:
> >I'm using Delphi 2006, IBObjects Trial 4.6. (I've bought the paid
> >version IBO components, just haven't installed them yet).
> Stay away from the 4.6Bc sub-release for now (which is what you will
> get from your current registered download). It's being fixed
> if you have a trial installed and working, hold it at that for the
time being.
> >I wan't to develop and test on my standalone local computer which does
> >not have a static IP address,
> A standalone computer always has a static IP address that can be
> accessed by the TCP/IP service running on that machine. It is
> If you place a suitable entry in the
> c:\%windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file like this:
> localhost
> then you will be able to access this as localhost. (A.K.A. "TCP/IP
> local loopback server"). [ %windir% is winnt on Win2K, windows on XP
or svr3K ]
> >and deploy the app & db to any
> >workstation/server whether standalone (no fixed IP) or in a workgroup
> >or domain.
> >
> >1. Is it possible to do this, given that I presume that my development
> >machine must use cpLocal, but the deployed app must presumably use
> >cpTCP_IP?
> That assumption is wrong. cpLocal is something different, peculiar
> to Windows. It is the 'IPServer' protocol, which is an emulated
> network layer. If you write a client app that can only connect using
> cpLocal, it won't work in a network. My advice for cpLocal is to
> reserve for use *only* with apps you're going to deploy with the
> Embedded client/server (which apparently isn't what you're talking
about here).
> >2. Is it possible to cater for all user protocol permutations with one
> >exe?
> It's >>possible<< but there are very good reasons to stay well away
> from cpNetBEUI. It's a very poor protocol to use for client/server
> and it's in the process of being deprecated.
> >3. When I use cpLocal on my development machine, I can enter my alias
> >ok in both the databaseName & Path properties.
> Don't. Enter it only in the Path property. >> IGNORE << both
> Database and DatabaseName.
> >But I am not sure
> >exactly what to enter in the Database field in the IBODatabase editor.
> If you have entered the correct Server, Protocol and Path properties,
> the database editor should come up and show you the proper connection
> string composed of these properties. So, for example, if your Server
> is 'localhost', protocol cpTCP_IP and Path is your alias, e.g.
> MyDatabase, then the database editor's connection string should
> appear as "localhost:MyDatabase". If there isn't anything there,
> then type that in, noting the syntax carefully.
> >The editor has an elipsis button and then I can make an entry and then
> >I have to press the "find" button. It will only accept the entry if it
> >can find the alias/path. So exactly what should I put in this box?
> Hmm, is this what's causing your problems? If you want to use the
> ellipsis as a way to "find" your database file, you are stuck with a
> full path. This is nothing but a Windows filesystem dialog and
> Windows has no knowledge of Firebird path aliases, which are parsed
> and analysed at connection time by the Firebird client library
> >Can you give me a specific example? (eg: localhost:alias) or something?
> localhost:alias is fine, as long as your Protocol is cpTCP_IP.
> As for making your app deployable, stick fast with TCP/IP. It's the
> only remote protocol that's valid across platforms. Standardise on
> one aliasname for your database. Provide your own ini file or
> connection dialog to collect the deployment-specific values for
> Server (IP address or hostname), username and password.
> Helen
> actually works!

Many thanks Helen.

I'd be very grateful if you could assist with 2 sub-questions:

1. As I understand your instructions (and what worked) I must hard
code the localhost server name in the TIBODatabse. How then does a
server name get correctly specified when deploying to customers on
networks whose server names I won't know?

2. "Stay away from the 4.6Bc sub-release for now (which is what you
will get from your current registered download). It's being fixed up"
What is wrong with it? Can I use just the TIBO components? When will
it be fixed? Can I use a previous version?