Subject Att: Ramil - Filter problem with cached updates
Author kljungqvist

I sent this message a few weeks ago directly to Jason. When I now
sent him a reminder (since this is causing major performance
problems for me) about the case he replied and asked me to post it
on the support list and notify Ramil about it.

The example file mentioned in the message is now uploaded to the
files area (

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Ever since I started to use IBObjects a few years ago I have been
having problems with the combination of filtering+cached updates. It
seems like when using cached updates filtering does not work

I made a sample application with simple master/detail-queries. The
detail query is filtered by the master querys ID in the master
querys AfterScroll-event.
Filtering only works for saved detail records, new records are
always included in the filtered dataset regardless of the filter.
Ie. in the application if you have cached updates enabled and add
anything to the lower grid and attach it to a specific master ID the
added detail line is visible also when scrolling up in the master
grid to other master ID values.

The sample project is done with Delphi 7 and a not-current version
of IBObjects but I have also tried it with BDS2006 and IB 4.6Bc and
the result is the same.

This is a major problem for me. Until now I have been forced to
execute additional work-around code so that I can continue to use
Cached Updates (which is very crucial to the structure of our
application) and it works but with a BIG performance hit. Now with
increased amount of records in my customer's databases it is
becoming unbearable.

I have seen (on eg that
cached updates seems to be deprecated with IBObjects. Is this the
case or can you tell my why I can't get this simple application to
work without turning off Cached Updates?

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Best regards,
Kjell Ljungqvist