Subject Re: TIBODatabase Paths & Aliases?
Author mitch_landor
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> At 03:36 PM 22/09/2006, you wrote:
> >I'm swotting up on Aliases and paths etc and I am puzzled about
> >getting TIBODatabase to accept the alias.
> >
> >I have created a "Test" entry in the aliases file.
> >
> >When I type "Test" in the "path" property of the TIBODatabase and then
> >examine the TIBODatase by right clicking & "edit component" I see that
> >the path is entered in the "Database" field.
> >
> >When I close the TIBODatabse editor window and re-examine the path
> >property, it has been reset to the path name not the alias name. In
> >which case how can I retain the alias name?
> Don't worry about it. It only writes that if it encounters a Nil
> entry in Database. Make it a point always to use Path, Server and
> Protocol and avoid the traditional VCL hard-wiring of the whole
> Database string or use of Params.
> You can use the Database property for some developer-friendly name if
> you want, doesn't need to resemble the database name in any way.
> Helen

It doesn't seem to work for me. Rather like "whack-a-mole". Wherever I
enter the alias, the path pops up somewhere else, even if I enter a
spurious name.

eg: (all references below are to the TIBODatabase)
1. If I enter my alias in the path property, it also shows up in
databasename. But in the dbeditor the file path is shown. If I now try
to deploy this on another computer, the error message indicates
that it is still looking for my original path, not the alias.

2. The dbeditor refuses all attempts to change the path in its
database field. Does this mean I have to use the "search" and "find"
functions to get it to accept a setting?

What is the exact syntax for a connection on the same computer?

localhost: ???