Subject IBO - ib_actions problem - double firing of actions
Author G. Nau
IBO Version 4.5Ai, Delphi 7
I have a problem with ib_actions firing twice while using a message window
in the Onconfirmdelete event.
To replicate the problem:
Create a small sample application connecting to a query, showing a grid and
use colorschemes to see the problem.
Then create two actions:
IB_ActionDelete shortcut: Shift-F2
IB_ActionEdit shortcut: F2

Now create an Onconfirmdelete event on the query like this:
procedure TForm1.IB_Query1ConfirmDelete(Sender: TComponent;
var Confirmed: Boolean);

Running the application will show you:
F2 (Edit) is working normally
Shift-F2 (Delete) is popping up the "Hello" Message, while the grid in the
background shows the red deletion-state of the query.
And now the error shows up: After closing the showmessage, the query is
jumping into state dssedit (yellow color).

Simply outcommenting the showmessage line and the error does not show

You can also swap the key-shortcuts (F2-delete, Shift-F2:edit). Pressing F2
then directly triggers F2 again.
So I assume IB_Actions is firing the normal/not-shifted shortcut after the
Onconfirmdelete event is finished.

Can somebody please confirm, that the error is indeed reproducable?
Is it a real error or did i run into a wrong asumption about onconfirmdelete?


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