Subject TIB_Grid update
Author steve_carter_ben
I've searched this group and found some messages about this, but they
addressed different issues than what I'm seeing.

I have a TIB_Grid connected to a TIB_Query. I'm using the grid as a
picklist in a desktop application. The TIB_Query returns all rows from
a table of songs. I also have a TIB_Inc_Search component with the
datasource set to the datasource for the TIB_Query (I don't know if
this makes any difference). The user can enter a new song using a form
that calls a stored procedure to insert a record. I then call Refresh
on the TIB_Query, but the grid does not refresh. I've confirmed that
the record has abeen inserted. If I close the application and reopen,
the new tune is in the TIB_Grid.

I've tried Close and then Open on the TIB_Query, as well as refresh.

All the TIB_ components use the same TIB_Connection object.

What am I missing?