Subject Re: [IBO] Detecting a read only database
Author bitbanger99
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> Noting your typo above, I trust you have checked your code for
> correct spelling....?
I can't type 'Characteristics' twice the same way ;^)

> The value isn't a string, it's a Boolean, which you are reading
> a typed field in a Delphi packed record structure, not from a
> variant, as you could do, for example, with column data from a
> Boolean domain.
When Builder needs a field from a Delphi record, it generates a temp
object and copies the whole thing before accessing the field. This
temp copy is where things are blowing up.

> I don't know how much help this is for the Builder situation...

Not much, but appreciated none the less. :^)