Subject Re: [IBO] Long delay when 1st connecting to database
Author John Costanzo

I tried using IB_SQL and IBCONSOLE. Both have the same 30 second
delay so it obviously not an application problem. I have not read
the TechInfo sheet on writing client/server applications because
this is simply a local application. Since there is no network
involved my assumption was that it really didn't matter what
happened on the "server" since the entire application is on one
machine. However, I will read the TechInfo sheet. There are only 1
queries in the application and I honestly think that 30 is a long
time for such a small application but I suppose I can live with 30
seconds. 30 seconds sure beats 4 minutes!

Thanks for the help

--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> At 12:11 AM 15/08/2006, you wrote:
> >Hello Hellen:
> >
> >Changing the suffex helped. I changed it to .IB and now instead
> >4 minutes it only takes 30 seconds. Howeverm 30 seconds is a long
> >delay and I suspect many of my cliends will complain. Is there
> >anything else I can do to spped up connection time?
> Particularly don't open datasets at startup. This isn't
> Paradox. Hold off opening any datasets until they are actually
> needed. There's a thing that happens called "Prepare" that,
> in Paradox, actually interacts with the server. It fetches over
> of the metadata of your queries. If there are lots of them, it
> wouldn't be out of the park for it to take 30 seconds.
> Have you read the TechInfo sheet on writing client/server
> Helen