Subject RE: [IBO] Long delay when 1st connecting to database
Author Alan McDonald
> Hello Hellen:
> Changing the suffex helped. I changed it to .IB and now instead of
> 4 minutes it only takes 30 seconds. Howeverm 30 seconds is a long
> delay and I suspect many of my cliends will complain. Is there
> anything else I can do to spped up connection time?
> Thanks

forget your application for a moment. Use ISQL or IBExpert or some other
tool. Just connect to the database and disconnect. Measure the latency. If
this is a short time - should be one or two seconds, then the issue is your
application. IBExpert loads all the user metadata so that takes a little
longer than ISQL which should connect in subsecond time. The test connect
button of the ODBC driver is also a good test at making a clean connection.
Also - could you try the extension .fdb? no idea if .IB is reserved for
other windows stuff.