Subject error when installing IBO support for reportbuilder 9.03
Author Adrian Wreyford
Getting IBO to work with ReportBulder 9.03

There is a plugin contained in the demo for reportbuilder.

I used it fruitfully for > 1 year with reportbuilder 9.02, until I upgraded
to TeeChart 7.07 registered release, and then nothing would work. I
uninstalled it, then got the latest release for ReportBuilder 9.03 for which
I have a license too.

I then tried to install the package for the IBO support in reportbuilder,
but get the following error:

rbIBO96.dpk(36): Unit daIBO was compiled with a different version of

I'm currently using IB_Objects Version 4.6_Bc.

Any suggestions.

I've bee ntrying to sort this one out with Nard Mosley of digital Metaphors
(ReportBuilder) and they have been great.

Just cannot say the same for TeeChart Pro 7.07 I purchased at $499 last
weekend.So be warned!

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