Subject Re: [IBO] TDBLookupComboBox & IBOQuery
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:44 PM 8/08/2006, you wrote:

>Many thanks Helen.
>I have studied the Delphi help which I have to say seems cryptic.

It doesn't seem cryptic to me...are you looking at the right
stuff? Select "TDBLookupComboBox" from the Index tab of the VCL
help. The info there is quite voluminous and not worse than
Borland's help usually is.

>know this is not a Delphi support list, but one hopefully final
>question: In the help it suggests that TDBLookupComboBox can only be
>used with tables, not queries. Is this true?

I didn't see that anywhere in my VCL help (I think I'm looking at the
D7 help). I haven't heard that rumour before, though. :-) The
helpfile doesn't mention tables, only "datasets".