Subject Re: [IBO] TDBLookupComboBox & IBOQuery
Author mitch_landor
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> At 06:34 PM 8/08/2006, you wrote:
> >I can't get the TDBLookupComboBox to work. I want to select from a
> >list of items generated by a query and then select one without editing
> >it, then use this value to show associated records in a grid.
> >
> >I have a TDatasource connected to a TIBOQuery. The datasource works
> >OK, but I have not used the TDBLookupComboBox before. If I specify the
> >TDatasource & Datafield nothing appears in the box. If I specify
> >TDatasource in Lookupsource I get error message "Lookupsource must be
> >connected to TTable component."
> >
> >How can I get this to work with TIBO?
> It works the same with the TIBODatasets as it does with the VCL
> datasets. It seems to me you haven't read up the Delphi help on how
> to set up this control. It involves TWO datasources - one for the
> dataset that wants to do the looking up (Datasource and Datafield
> properties) and one for the dataset that is supplying the values for
> the lookup (Listsource and Listfield properties).
> Reading up the Delphi help should clarify for you whether
> TDBLookupComboBox is really the component you want for this
> first sight of your description, I tend to think not.
> Helen

Many thanks Helen.
I have studied the Delphi help which I have to say seems cryptic. I
know this is not a Delphi support list, but one hopefully final
question: In the help it suggests that TDBLookupComboBox can only be
used with tables, not queries. Is this true?