Subject Re: [IBO] Decision cube (following)
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:02 PM 7/08/2006, you wrote:
>Does someone know about decision cubes ?

Not really - it was a BDE-only component that didn't really ever work properly.

>I need to present grouped data in a decision cube.
>How can I do that ? I have an IB_connection to a firebird DB and forms
>with many IB_Queries ?

It's not of sufficient interest to me (personally) to spend time on
it but, if you decide to research it a bit (Google "TDecisionCube")
you'll find a lot of hits from people who have. Bob Swart ("Dr Bob")
for example has a very detailed article about it here:

Remember that, with IBO, you can "pass" the SQL of an IB_Query in its
current state across to a TIBOQuery using AssignSQLWithSearch. Some
of the techniques that others have used with other third-party
TDataset-compatible data access components might prove useful in
combination with this.

>Or if it is not possible, what would you advise to get a similar
>presentation ?

At this point I wouldn't know what to advise. I prefer much more
directed drill-down queries...I consciously avoid interfaces that
need to keep refreshing multiple sets of data. It's always seemed to
me that these multidimensional search paths were more fitted to
desktop database applications than to client/server or n-tier (where
my interests lie).