Subject Re: [IBO] Decision cube (following)
Author Nando Dessena

h> Does someone know about decision cubes ?
h> I need to present grouped data in a decision cube.
h> How can I do that ? I have an IB_connection to a firebird DB and forms
h> with many IB_Queries ?
h> Or if it is not possible, what would you advise to get a similar
h> presentation ?

If you mean Borland's Decision Cube components, then you should know
they are obsolete, unsupported and what is worse tied to the BDE.
Someone once made an updated version that works with any TDataSet: you can
find it on Borland's code central. But you need TDataSet compliance
for that, which in IBO means using TIBO* components, not TIB_*.

There are other multidimensional analysis components out there (I use
PivotCube myself), but they generally all need TDataSet-compliance.

Nando Dessena