Subject Re: [IBO] Too many savepoints ...
Author scr0546
Hello Thomas,

thanks for your reply ... and greetings from Austria ;-)

> It might be related to using "soft commits" aka "commit retaining"
> a long period of time without using "hard commits" (simply "commit")
> from time to time.

I never directly use commit retaining.
But you are right, because I only use autocommitted transactions.
I have to follow the advise from Helen.

I have found the text in IBO-Help too:
"AutoCommit does not cause the transaction to be physically ended. It
uses a SavePoint, which maps to a call to isc_commit_retaining()"

Coming from BDE I thougt, Autocommit = true for all transactions is
the best. Now I know, that in this case every "Post" produces a
A line of code to change all to Autocommit = false,
but day's of work to check the whole application, why and when a
client must see the commited work from another...

Best regards