Subject Re: [IBO] Too many savepoints ...
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:41 AM 4/08/2006, you wrote:

>- I only use TIBOQueries, created and destroy dynamically
> (no components in a Datamodule)
>- All Transactions Autocommit = true
> (also created dynamically, handling different groups of queries)

Here lies your problem.

> - Sometimes I use explicit Transactionhandling
> (StartTransaction, Commit)

This should be the other way around. Use explicit transactions; use
Autocommit only in special circumstances. And, if you do, then make
sure that manual sweeps are an essential part of the regular housekeeping.

> > You said that your inserts "work". Do you verify that by querying
> > from an external tool?
>I have checked the inserted records after restarting FB.
>The DB-File was not corrupt.

I wasn't looking for a corrupt DB-file, but for evidence that a
broken connection had left uncommitted transactions waiting for
timeout and cleanup. But, if you are using Autocommit transactions,
even timed-out transactions won't get garbage collected in a
sufficiently timely manner.

> > I smell a long-uncommitted transaction here...
> > Consider the possibility that your bulk insert is causing some
> > of infinite loop. Don't forget to examine what any Before Insert
> > triggers on that table are doing.
>Don't think so, there have been thousands of records inserted the
>same way. But I'll check the BeforeInsert-Trigger ... there where a
>lot of checks and work before inserting records

Reiterate - get rid of those Autocommit transactions.

> > -- Instead of pseudocode, show the actual SQL and the actual
>client-side code.
>Maybe the problem is caused by the ROServer for the dataexchange to
>MS-SQL-server (created by another company).

I don't know the product, but check and double-check as to whether it
is hard-committing transactions. It's an unfortunate fact that many
applications written for "MS-SQL server and others" are totally
unaware of the effects of neglecting multi-generational issues.

> > --You mentioned "Internet connection" - are you trying to run a
> > two-tier application across the Internet?
>another half a year of work ... migration do Remobjects....

All the more reason to concentrate on dealing with those Autocommit

> > -- Also provide details of the server version and model
>WinXP, SS, FB, fbclient.dll

OK, no issues there that I can think of.