Subject Re: [IBO] Too many savepoints ...
Author scr0546
Hello Helen,

thanks for your quick response.

> CommitTransaction ????????????????????? That's not a method, it
is a
> property setting of TIB_Import.

I know, it was just pseudo-code.

> >then FB hanged with 100% CPU performance.
> >After shutting down the service, the logfile telled:
> >"internal gds software consistency check
> > (Too many savepoints (287))"
> >
> >The records where inserted correctly.
> >What can be the reason for that error?
> Low memory.

I'll pay attention to, but I think that can't be the reason.
(1 GB Memory, MS-SQL-Server (not much to do), FB and 4 running
applications - I will check for memory-leaks)

Is there something other that can cause the error?
Maybe uncommitted transactions when the remote-client lost
connection to FB via the internet? Or something else ...

Best regards