Subject Re: [IBO] Too many savepoints ...
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:45 AM 3/08/2006, you wrote:
>I had a problem with FB 1.5.3, that crashed, when inserting 50
>Using TIBOQuery:
>... Inserting, InsertTriggers ...

CommitTransaction ????????????????????? That's not a method, it is a
property setting of TIB_Import.

>then FB hanged with 100% CPU performance.
>After shutting down the service, the logfile telled:
>"internal gds software consistency check
> (Too many savepoints (287))"
>The records where inserted correctly.
>What can be the reason for that error?

Low memory.

>- 1 IBO-Client Local at the server
>- 1 IBO-Client Remote, connected over the internet to FB
>- 1 Remobject-Dataabstract-Server Local (uses loaded RO-IBO-Driver)
> for dataexchange from/to MS-SQL-Server
>All Clients are connected via TCP-Protocol
>The Remote-Client was not online, when FB crashed.