Subject RE: [IBO] Quoted fields seem to be broken in TIBODataset when they're involved in indexing
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:13 AM 1/08/2006, you wrote:

>It knows what the KeyFields are, I've stepped through the code. It just
>can't find them because it's comparing "Acc ID" to Acc ID (or more
>precisely, ARINV."Acc ID" to Acc ID).

Just *try* doing what I suggested, please. Turn off
KeyLinksAutodefine and type in the quoted identifiers without the
table qualifier, one beneath the other, as the KeyLinks.

> > >None, because I'm using the primary key.
> >
> >Beg pardon, but what do you think that gets you?
> >

> It gets the primary key as the Order By fields , of course; try it and
see what SQL you get if you're not using bizarre field names.

Use IndexFieldNames, as a comma-separated string of the unqualified,
quoted field names.