Subject Re: [IBO] IBO and FB 2
Author Martijn Tonies
Hello Geoff,

> >> Thanks Martijn for your comments. Looking forward to Jason's
> >> notes. Russell
> > So am I.
> > Jason, are you around?
> > I have to continue bugging you about this :-)
> I can probably add some notes, since Jason did ask if I could
> help in this area - but lack of time has meant that (so far) I
> have been unable to provide any real assistance. (I bugged
> Jason about some of these issues many months ago :-)
> Jason has already fixed many FB2 issues in the latest releases
> of IBObjects. Such things as the predefined queries used by
> IB_SQL and also the metadata caching queries etc.
> The big one, or so it seems to me, is trying to rework much of
> the IBObjects automation surrounding SQL parsing. In
> particular, in regard to searching and other automated SQL
> construction.

This involves being able to recognize an EXECUTE BLOCK
as well and get around the parameter parsing. At least, in a script,
but possibly in a DSQL/Dataset descendant as well.

People will want to use this, plain and simple. It also involves
being able to return a resultl from INSERT INTO ... RETURNING
statements and a decent way of displaying that. For example,
via the .Params property, or via a single output row in TIBOQuery.

> The change in FB2 is both good and bad in respect to IBO. IBO
> has always had some short-fall with its automation in respect
> to self-referencing queries (tree structures), and the new
> feature of FB2 would allow IBO to solve those problems. OTOH
> FB2 effectively breaks IBO in many existing applications
> because it insists that this new feature should fully
> implemented in all applications - so many existing IBObjects
> applications will simply not function in FB2 (including most
> of my own).

Ahum, and then there's the "fbclient.dll" issue. Wasn't that your
wrong doing? ;-)

I recompiled one of my apps a few days ago and got stumped why
it couldn't connect... Until I figured out it was trying to connect to
Firebird (which runs at a different port locally, so the client assumes
a different port remote as well).

> Are we, IBObjects users, willing to make this committment to
> an IBO/FB2 release?
> Note what I said earlier. If you want a version of IBObjects
> that is FB2 compatible without changing your existing apps,
> then this will mean waiting for IBO to (effectively) build a
> full SQL parser so that it can decomponse and then reconstruct
> queries with their own aliases to ensure that they are unique.
> This will not be easy and will take a lot of work (and so a lot
> of time), and I doubt that it is truly practical.
> Any thoughts from others?
> Disclaimer: These are my own thoughts, Jason may have others.

I'm not sure about everything you're saying here, but then again,
I don't use IBO with keylinks and all...


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