Subject IBO and FB 2 (RC1) again
Author russellbelding
Malav A Shah earlier noted IBO used in development fails with FB 2
(RC1) (not a production FB version) as some IBO (4.6A) sql uses table
aliases inconsistently, which was OK before FB2. Before I saw Malav's
note I had been using an application developed on a machine using a FB
1.5.3 server and running it testing-live on another PC using a FB2
(RC2) server. Running live I saw no problems with IBO and FB2
together. Of course I might have luckily escaped the problems. I also
saw some improved selection times usinf FB 2.

On trying to develop with FB2 (RC1) and IBO (4.3Aa) I hit the errors
Malav hit. By "develop" I mean, for example, opening a TIB_Query and
preparing it. This is my way of ensuring the queries SQL is good.

So we need to wait for IBO 4.6A+ to develop with FB 2.

Russell Belding