Subject Re: [IBO] Fetching rows question...
Author Aage Johansen
coderefectory wrote:
> Hi,
> Is it corect to open TIB_Querys every time when I open child window
> and close the query when I close child window (when I have remote
> database connection).
> Is it good habit to open large tables on start main window and closing
> it when user close application?I mean, is it unusualy that fetching
> rows passed time is 15-30 min. when you start your programs?
> I don't see any solution to speed-up my fetching rows performance...
> I think it is normaly to wait to fetching pass in a start... and after
> that the prformance are very good.What is your opinion?
> I have DSL network connection, speed 512kbit/s download and 128kbit/s
> upload, Open VPN...

This may have been ok when using a local desktop database. Firebird
and other client/server RDBMSs are something else. Totally.
As you have seen, opening a table (and fetching everything to the
client) is not acceptable. It takes a lot of time, and - what is
more important - it is detrimental to your database's health: you are
keeping a transaction open all the time while the application is in
use - possibly for hours - and you will eventually have to pay a price.
Make the user decide on what is to be shown, fetch those
records. Commit transactions whenever appropriate (and rather
often). Browsing umpteen records is not the way to do it (in
particular over a slow network).
And don't use Table components if you can avoid it.

Aage J.