Subject Re: [IBO] IBOQuery Locate bug IBO 4.6A
Author Johannes Pretorius
good day Helen

thanks for the reply. I understand that D3 is old that is why we are trying to convert our app to D2005,
but we are doing it phased as it is a BIG app that still needs to run in the work enviroment AND answer to
customers current demands. Thus my PROBLEM . I need to make changes for customer AND convert the
app part by part to D2005 , till all is done. BUT one thing that bothers me is that in IBO 4.5 it did work, was there
a code change regarding this section ?.

If this is the case, we will have to fall back to 4.5 as we have no idea how many other problems there will be thanks to this.
Thus if somebody can PLEASE give me an indication if it will be saver to move back to 4.5 until the convertion is done ?

Thanks in Advance

Johannes Pretorius

At 07:54 AM 10/04/2006, Helen Borrie wrote:

>At 02:59 PM 10/04/2006, Johannes Pretorius wrote:
>>If more information is required., Please tell me and I will try and
>>write an sample app to prove this.
>You don't have to prove it to *me*. It was a logic bug in Delphi at
>least as far as Delphi 3 and, if memory serves correctly, I think it
>was still there in Delphi 4. I've used all the Delphi versions since
>the first, and I learned from bitter experience to work around this
>bug by always isolating each or phrase in its own brackets. I still
>do, though I'm using Delphi 7 most of the time now.
>Less distinct are other things that this bug affected. One I recall
>was when parsing sets, e.g.
>if MyQuery.State in [dsInsert, dsEdit]
>you would get "false negatives" unless you put round brackets around
>the square brackets, viz.
>if MyQuery.State in ([dsInsert, dsEdit])
>I seem to recall problems with structures like
>with MyQuery do
> while not EOF do
> begin
> .....
> end;
>So this is a case where relatively recently developed code (say, that
>written in 1999 or later) gets right results in more recent versions
>of Delphi and continues to be problem for old Delphi versions.
>IBO 4.6A is not really certified for use with Delphi 3 and I think
>it's pretty certain it hasn't been tested with it. Delphi 3 is now
>nine years old and I don't think Borland is going to bugfix it real
>soon. There are other things that will bite you trying to use IBO
>4.anything with D3, as well.
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