Subject Re: Install Problems and After Install Problems
Author trac_t2000
I checked the creation order. Both TDatabase and the IB_Connection is
in a datamodule. Not sure how to check the real creation order, but
the TDatabase is the 2 item listed in the dfm.

Also, just to make sure, I freed the IB_Connection and recreated it,
but I still get the same error. I also made sure that nothing was
trying to use this connection yet. I have a tool to show the
function calls. I have pasted that below... The top line is where
the error was thrown from.

I even tried to connect the IBO connection..Disconnect then assign
the db handle. That does not seem to work as well.

I did try to connect then disconnect, then assign the dbhandle. I
did not see an error there, but it seems to error now on any bde
queries that I try to open. So at first I thought I had found a
solution, but it seems I am still stuck....

Any more ideas?


00ad9ed5 IBO40CRT_D5.bpl Ib_components
00ada054 IBO40CRT_D5.bpl Ib_components
00adab00 IBO40CRT_D5.bpl Ib_components TIB_Connection.SetdbHandle
00adaa25 IBO40CRT_D5.bpl Ib_components

--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> At 09:59 AM 1/04/2006, you wrote:
> >Hello:
> >
> >I am using Delphi 5 Ent and trying to install IBO 4.6. Before
this I
> >had 4.3xx. My problem seems to be coming from the
IB_OLEContainer. It
> >uses a ZLib.pas. I use another component for Report Builder called
> >XtraDev, which also uses a pas file called zLib.
> It's a known bug with this version of the installer into IDE's that
> have a conflicting lib reference.
> >I don't think I need the IB_OLEContainer so I removed all
reference to
> >it in the IBO packages. Well, I finally got it to work and things
> >to be fine so far....Is this going to be a problem?
> No.
> >Ok for the after install problem. MY MAIN PROBLEM....
> >
> >One of our main apps is still using both BDE and IBO for
> >We have code that worked with the previous version of IBO but now
> >not. Basically, our app would connect the BDE's TDatabase
> >it would get the Data handle from the TDatabase object and assign
it to
> >the IB_Connection's dbHandleShared. Well since I have installed
> >new version, it is throwing an access violation.
> >
> >'Access violation at address 00000000. Read of address 00000000'
> >
> >Below is the line of my code throwing the error....
> >
> >'Ib_Connection1.dbHandleShared := GetNativeHandle(dbBDEMain);'
> >
> >
> >I have verified that the IB_Connection and the TDatabase
Connection are
> >NOT nil...It must be something with the dbHandleShared property. I
> >have tried to trace the code down. Here are the procedure calls
that I
> >can successfully trace down:
> >TIB_Connection.SetdbHandle( AValue: isc_db_handle );
> > -> SysUpdateCharacteristics
> > -> API_Database_Info( Items, Results );
> > -> errcode := isc_database_info
> >
> >It seems to throw the error somewhere from the isc_database_info.
> >
> >
> >I am using firebird 1.5...Not sure what else I need to say..
> It's a good report. :-)
> The most likely problem here is in the creation order. Make
> that the creation order is such that the TDatabase gets created
> of the TIB_Connection ; *then* make sure that your code doesn't
> to connect to the TIB_Connection before it has a) connected to the
> TDatabase and b) tested to make sure it actually got a connection.
> Make it a rule to be very explicit with your objects and the timing
> of creation and access: don't depend on defaults, as you might do
> a pure BDE or pure IBO app.
> Helen