Subject Install Problems and After Install Problems
Author trac_t2000

I am using Delphi 5 Ent and trying to install IBO 4.6. Before this I
had 4.3xx. My problem seems to be coming from the IB_OLEContainer. It
uses a ZLib.pas. I use another component for Report Builder called
XtraDev, which also uses a pas file called zLib.

I don't think I need the IB_OLEContainer so I removed all reference to
it in the IBO packages. Well, I finally got it to work and things seem
to be fine so far....Is this going to be a problem?

Ok for the after install problem. MY MAIN PROBLEM....

One of our main apps is still using both BDE and IBO for connections.
We have code that worked with the previous version of IBO but now does
not. Basically, our app would connect the BDE's TDatabase first...Then
it would get the Data handle from the TDatabase object and assign it to
the IB_Connection's dbHandleShared. Well since I have installed the
new version, it is throwing an access violation.

'Access violation at address 00000000. Read of address 00000000'

Below is the line of my code throwing the error....

'Ib_Connection1.dbHandleShared := GetNativeHandle(dbBDEMain);'

I have verified that the IB_Connection and the TDatabase Connection are
NOT nil...It must be something with the dbHandleShared property. I
have tried to trace the code down. Here are the procedure calls that I
can successfully trace down:
TIB_Connection.SetdbHandle( AValue: isc_db_handle );
-> SysUpdateCharacteristics
-> API_Database_Info( Items, Results );
-> errcode := isc_database_info

It seems to throw the error somewhere from the isc_database_info.

I am using firebird 1.5...Not sure what else I need to say..

Can anyone help me?