Subject RE: [IBO] IB_Grid and partial row
Author Calin Pirtea
Hi Jason,

It was us who made it work but on version 4.3.Aa. Our approach was from
a wrong point of view and as such even today there are cases where it
does not work consistently. We were interested if someone else is
wishing for this feature enough to provide some development time.

We spent enough time in IB_Grid.pas to think we know how it should be
implemented cleanly but we no longer have the resources (time) to spend
on it.

If you would be willing to check out our implementation and maybe
provide some guiding it would be greatly appreciated.

We are using version 4.3.Aa.

Calin Pirtea
Communicare Systems.

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> From:
> > Is there a chance to make IB_Grid display partial row
> instead of blank
> > space at the bottom of the grid.
> There was someone who did make some changes and got it
> working that way. I don't recall who or where. If your use
> of the grid is for display only then you can probably make
> some tweaks to the TIB_Grid sources and get it working. I
> used to support it in IBO 3.x but when I went to IBO 4.x the
> buffering mechanisms were significantly changed and I had to
> eliminate it due to some technicalities.
> Jason Wharton