Subject RE: [IBO] IB_Grid and partial row
Author Calin Pirtea
Hi Marcin,

We at Communicare Systems wanted this feature really badly last year so
we asked the list if anyone else is interested.
There was only one reply IIRC and then we posted our code for how to
make it work and asked for advise if we are approaching the problem
right but no one replied.

It took us about a month to get it done (we hoped done correctly) but it
took another 6 months to make it be right changing the code back and
forth many times.

We use a heavily customized version of IBO 4.3Aa and we don't know how
difficult it would be to port our changes to the public version.

If the feature is truly wanted and Jason want's to implement it I can
use some weekends to try and port the changes to the current source

The most important issue with TIB_Grid is that in fact it is a TGrid and
there nothing to be done about it. The limitations of TGrid are very
annoying and it takes a lot of code to prevent TGrid from kicking in and
limit your movement. At this stage our implementation (in my view) is
wrong but it works and I think the time I spent in TIB_Grid made me see
how I should have done it right but the lack of time does not allow me
to do it again.

What version of IBO are you using?


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> From: Marcin Bury
> Hello
> Is there a chance to make IB_Grid display partial row instead
> of blank space at the bottom of the grid.
> I have a grid that will have default row height rather big
> (around 100) and I would like to see at least part of the
> next row instead of huge blank space.
> Marcin