Subject Jason, TIB_Currency.CreateParams please apply patch (IBO 4.6.a)
Author Marco Menardi
Hi, I've just today downloaded IBO 4.6.a, and I've seen that the
TIB_Currency.CreateParams has not a patch discussed in this list long
time ago (don't remember if I sent it to you privately or was the one
that found the problem that did, or none.. sigh, sorry ;)).
The flag ES_MULTILINE creates problems in IB_Currency, except if you
are using a very old Windows, previous Win98.
So please change in IB_Controls.pas the procedure like this:
procedure TIB_Currency.CreateParams(var Params: TCreateParams);
inherited CreateParams( Params );
// ES_MULTILINE necessary for right alignment (was true only until
Windows 98)
if not (csDesigning in ComponentState) then
Params.Style := Params.Style or ES_RIGHT; // or ES_MULTILINE;

For reference in this newsgroup with web interface access see:

Thanks a lot :)
Marco Menardi