Subject Re: [IBO] Which Components? (Is there a Firebird Noobs Group?)
Author Dany M
Anthony Tanas wrote:
> Thank you for the helpful reply Helen, I really appreciate your help.
> I have some general Firebird questions but I'm kind of intimidated by the
> level of traffic of the general firebird there a slower alternate

I understand. Really. I have been using FB for 4 years and it's not
until recently that I have started to post in the group. The DB is the
heart of your business/doings, yes? It does pay off to skim off that ng
each day. If the issues are to convoluted, just mark the thread as read.
Did you know that you can point your newsreader (Thunderbid, Outlook, &c
at at mirror?: server: "" group "egroups-ib-support", the
web UI sucks) If you check in often it'll be a breeze. And don't be
afraid of posting questions, firebird-support is there for just that

Browsing through the old IB 6.0 Docs that you can download from the
foundation site ( will get you some stories up in a
couple of days. Theres a lot of *new* things but most of what the docs
say are still true. And Borland/Inprise made a really good job with
those docs.