Subject Which Components?
Author Anthony Tanas
OK, my program is doing well now with IBOObjects with the Tdataset
equivalents. I'm not sure of my overall performance gain though as I don't
have my IBO version set up with a beta tester yet. My laptop which is my
development machine has a painfully slow hard drive and the first few reads
and writes to the database have allways been slow and I haven't noticed a
significant improvement there (although when I ran a side by side comparison
there is definitely an improvement).

Mainly I'm thinking I need to tune and tweek my database and I just got
Helen's tome and hope to unlock that knowledge shortly.

OK well I'd guess 85 - 90% of my application is non-data bound (I prefer to
read and write directly to my user interface, I find it easier to debug
problems, and also I find it easier to use make re-usable classes [such as
TPatient, TInsurance, TEmployee, etc.] that take care of their own reading
and writing to the database) anyway I'm not really tied to using the
TQuery equivalents. Perhaps 50% of my queries are inserts and update...I
basically have one select, one insert and one update for each of my classes

So here are my questions:

1) Will I get any significant increase by using other IBObjects? I'd guess
I have 100-200 queries I'd have to convert I don't know what the priority
should be to do that.
2) What IBObjects should I use for selects and inserts and updates?
3) How to convert them? Can I do a search and replace like I did with my
original conversion from the BDE?
4) What about switching even my few databound grids over the IBObjects
equivalent, what of the performance and can I do a search and replace (like
for the query and DBGrids)?
5) Also I kind of sort of have an idea about what Key Links does (well not
really) but how important is it to performance to set that up? Should the
keylinks match the primary key exactly? I wonder if I could write a little
utility that processes my *.dfm files, queries the database for the primary
keys and then enters the property values for keylinks?

Thanks for your suggestions,