Subject RE: [IBO] Which version of InterBase is free for commercial use...
Author Anthony Tanas
> 1)Which version of InterBase is free for commercial use...and
> where I can find it.Plesae send me a link.

I think it was version 6, but I'm not sure. My understanding is that it is
not very stable. Why not use Firebird?

> 3)Where I can find Delphi 5 licence for sale?

I have a copy of Delphi 5 Enterprise Upgrade. I don't know if my license
allows me to sell it or not, espcially since it is an upgrade version?

> 4)Is it Delphi 9 compatibile with IBO Objects?


> 5)Is it last version of IBO Object compatibile with previous
> (1998-2000), ...asking to be shoure that my program will not chrash?

Well this is from the website:

Delphi Versions

Delphi 2 is not supported in Release 4 and higher

Delphi 3 users depending on the embedded controls features of the native IBO
grid should stay with Release 3. The Release 4 controls utilize object
interfaces and, unfortunately, the implementation of object interfacing in
Delphi 3 has proven to be seriously flawed.

IBO Release 3.6Dk continues to be supported for all Delphi versions 2
through 6.

So apparently you will need to use an older version of IBObjects for Delphi
2 and possibly 3.