Subject Re: [IBO] Which version of InterBase is free for commercial use...
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:57 AM 9/03/2006, you wrote:
>1)Which version of InterBase is free for commercial use...and where I
>can find it.Plesae send me a link.

Only the old version of IB 6.0 that was built by Borland from the
original IB 6 beta sources. Apart from a handful of bugfixes that
the Borland crowd harvested from the Firebird tree in 2000, it's

Try Googling "Interbase 6 open source". There are possibly still
some sites that have those old binaries available for download.

Recommendation: don't use it!!!!!! Why would you, when Firebird has
six years of fixing Borland bugs and adding enhancements?

>2)Can Firebird server work with interbase GDB?

Yes; with limitations depending on versions. If you have conversion
problems, ask on the firebird-support or ib-conversions lists.

>3)Where I can find Delphi 5 licence for sale?

Try eBay. Borland sometimes auctions old stock on eBay and people
sometimes sell off software that they have stopped using. You can
also sometimes find old software at, in the "used"
classification. Use the search engines.

>4)Is it Delphi 9 compatibile with IBO Objects?

Yes, IBO 4.5 and above.

>5)Is it last version of IBO Object compatibile with previous
>(1998-2000), ...asking to be shoure that my program will not chrash?

Not always. Old versions don't always implement later Delphi or
Firebird features. You can usually massage old Delphi source code, though.

>6)Is it to much questions?:)

It's OK for a one-off question, but this list is about IBO, not about
Borland's marketing policy. And, as a rule, it's quite hard nowadays
to attempt to resolve issues with very old Delphi or IBO versions.