Subject Re: [IBO] Creating a database via it's alias
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:06 PM 8/03/2006, you wrote:

>If it's a customer of Upscene, that must be Database Workbench ;-)
> >From what I can see, this is what's being sent to the server:
>create database 'server:alias' -> and then the
>(TCP/IP protocol)
>So, you are saying this -should- work correctly?
> > 1) create the alias on the server
> > 2) make sure the firebird user and group have rwx permissions to the
> > directory tree where the database is going to go
> > 3) either open isql and give it
> > create database 'myserver:aliasdb' user 'artful' password 'dodger';
> > or, in IB_SQL's login tab, type myserver:aliasdb in the path, enter
> > user name and password , scroll to select dialect 3 and click the
> > 'Create database' button.

It *does* work correctly as above. I did it, directly before I
responded to the question. Created one database with isql and one with ib_sql.

Look at file permissions.

But how is your parsing producing the double slashes?
> sasy that "//aliasdb" does not exists.

TIB_Connection is not doing that.

Did you check to make sure the user was using Firebird, not InterBase?