Subject Re: [IBO] Creating a database via it's alias
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:25 PM 8/03/2006, you wrote:
>I got a customer report:
>I have an alias configured on a remote server but this alias does not
>represent existing database file.
>So I use the alias in order to create the database but as result I get
>error message which says that file named like alias does not exists.
>for example:
>aliasdb = /opt/firebird/data/aliasdb.fdb
>I use "aliasdb" as file name in database create wizard and as result it
>sasy that "//aliasdb" does not exists.

It looks as though s/he's trying to use the wrong protocol for a
remote connection. Missing servername? Also looks a bit like a
stuffed attempt at impersonation (doesn't work in Fb 1.5). Needs a
proper username and password.

>Do you have any idea if IBO supports this? Or will, for example,
>the automatic file recognition thingy mess this up somehow?

IBO supports it and Firebird supports it. What's the database create
wizard? It works fine with IB_SQL's "wizard", i.e.
1) create the alias on the server
2) make sure the firebird user and group have rwx permissions to the
directory tree where the database is going to go
3) either open isql and give it
create database 'myserver:aliasdb' user 'artful' password 'dodger';
or, in IB_SQL's login tab, type myserver:aliasdb in the path, enter
user name and password , scroll to select dialect 3 and click the
'Create database' button.