Subject Read Only confusion
Author Clive Walden
I have the following code that runs after a user logs on and before I open the datasets if the
user's ROLE indicates that their access is Read Only (and their ROLE gives them 'SELECT' privileges

== snip ==
procedure TdmMain.MakeReadOnly;
qryProjRevisions.RequestLive := False;
qryProjRevisions.ReadOnly := True;
qryRevisionCATs.RequestLive := False;
qryRevisionCATs.ReadOnly := True;
qryGetProjectsInfo.RequestLive := False;
qryGetProjectsInfo.ReadOnly := True;

In spite of this, when I try to log on as such a user I get an error message which is strange in two

1. It tells me that I do not have Insert/Write permission to a Field in qryGetProjectsInfo.
(actually, something called qryGetProjectsInfo.IBOqrqryGetProjectsInfo)

2. The field that is subject to the complaint is not in qryGetProjectsInfo
it is in qryProjRevisions.

I have checked that the procedure MakeReadOnly
does in fact run before I attempt to open the TIBOQueries.

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