Subject Re: [IBO] FB 2.0 Compatibility
Author Martijn Tonies
> > > Could someone let me know if IBO 4.6 is compatible with FB 2.0? It is
> > > not obvious from the IBO Web site, and I can't find any recent
> > > references in this newsgroup.
> >
> >IBO 4.6 is mostly compatible with Firebird 2.0. There is still a problem
> >with the master-detail stuff in that they have now forced alias names to
> >used throughout with consistency which makes some of my behind the scenes
> >SQL parsing lacking. Once these routines are updated that should be the
> >vast bulk of what needs changing.
> EXECUTE BLOCK still seems to be a problem...

Yes, it is.

I must admit I haven't tested INSERT ... RETURNING yet.

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