Subject Re: large data compare app - TIBOQuery or other component choice?
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
> (qResyncSourceData.Fields[j].Value <>
> qResyncCompareData.FieldByName(
> qResyncSourceData.Fields[j].FullName).Value)

By the way, using FieldByName for every iteration is also very
unefficient. In my comparison, I simply use Fields[j].AsString =
Fields[j].AsString, but it is also possible to do something like

* MyField: TIB_Column;
* MyField:=qResyncCompareData.FieldByName(
* qResyncSourceData.Fields[j].FullName);
* while not qResyncSourceData.eof do
* if (qResyncSourceData.Fields[j].Value <> MyField.Value)