Subject large data compare app - TIBOQuery or other component choice?
Author nick irons

I'm a newbie to IBO (have used IBX 5ish years) and would like help pointing me
to the most efficient component for a large compare task to be run periodically.

I'm trying to find differences between two databases, and have approximately 1.7
million records of interest spread between 12 tables.

I am using two TIBOQuerys, pointing the first (unidirectional) to the whole of
the data of interest per table, then dynamically building a select in the second
per row. For each row I then compare every field until I find a difference or
have compared all fields. Upon finding a difference, some other code handles
the data change. My compare code as follows:

(qResyncSourceData.Fields[j].Value <>

If anyone can point me to a faster way to do this I'd be very grateful!
currently yields about 200,000 rows per hour on a 1.6mhz laptop.

Thanks in advance,