Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Newbie: "Cannot prepare a blank statement"
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:11 PM 17/02/2006, you wrote:

> > So think of the TIBO - "TDataset-compatible" - components as a route
> > into non-BDE application development for those who still need to get
> > their head around a multi-user database management system and
> > specifically, how to use transactions to advantage.
>I didn't take offence....just was puzzled :)
>I'd love to use the native IBO stuff but I assume that if I need to
>use some of the fancy Developer Express components there is no
>alternative but to use the TIBO components?

Yes and no. You *will* need to use TIBOQuery and TDatasource with
the DevExpress controls but you can still use the native IBO stuff
and TIB_Datasource. They won't clash; and the native stuff can use
TIBODatabase and TIBOTransaction, once you get the hunger to extend
yourself into the native capabilities. The VCL doesn't have an
equivalent to TIB_Cursor and TIB_DSQL which we old hands regard as
c/s essentials.

But first get an appetite for SQL and use the TIBOQuery with your
preferred VCL-compatible controls.