Subject ib_locateedit programmatic locate
Author jeffplata
(Just starting to enjoy ibobjects and now delphi is for sale?)

Been using a locateedit to search a varchar column. Options
lopPartialKey, lopCaseInsensitive, lopFindNearest all set to true. An
ib_grid displays the column and other fields. Works perfectly if I work
on the ib_locateedit control itself; locates the record and moves the
grid pointer upon pressing enter.

There is also a button that does ib_locateedit1.locate on click event.
My problem is that ib_locateedit1.locate does not work as it did when
pressing enter on the locateedit control. lopPartialkey and
lopFindNearest seems to be ignored, and the grid shows no record at
all. If I type an exact match and click on the button, the grid shows
only the single record found.

What am I doing wrong?
(Using ibo 4.5b)